Upcoming Services

MLUC holds one service each Sunday from 10:00-11:15 a.m. unless otherwise noted.worship

January 6: Epiphanies Great and Small
Rev. Libby Smith
Music: Dr Vincent Craig
You know about the big one - when the Magi followed the star and found a king. But epiphanies come in all sizes, and the wondrous can burst into our lives in small and quiet ways too. Are we paying attention?

January 13: Religious Liberty: A Sword or a Shield?
Rev. Dr. Neal R. Jones
On this Sunday when we recognize our Unitarian heritage of religious freedom, we will examine how this Constitutional principle has been distorted to justify various forms of discrimination and remind ourselves of what religious liberty really means.

January 20: Jubilee
Rev. Dr. Neal R. Jones
In the Bible, every 50th year was a year of Jubilee, a time to "proclaim liberty throughout all the land" by releasing the enslaved, forgiving debts, and returning property to the original owners. Jubilee has been adopted as the name of our annual UU anti-racism workshop. On this Martin Luther King Sunday, we will hear how various members have been transformed by their participation in Jubilee.

January 27: Ten Tips for Being Miserable
Rev. Dr. Neal R. Jones
Rev. Neal will even give you some exercises to try at home.