Pathway to Membership


  • A guided journey through the MLUC community
  • A path determined individually, guided by members and staff
  • An entrance into the dynamic, spiritual, activist, caring MLUC community
  • Explore your beliefs, connect with the community, find your spiritual home

Joining a church is an important life decision, and one we take seriously. Membership at MLUC means being a part of a diverse community of UUs who practice their faith in myriad meaningful ways.

Most new members come to Unitarian Universalism from other faiths. Having a basic understanding of the UU religion and the MLUC faith community you intend to join is an important first step toward becoming an active and integrated member of this church

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Please consider joining us for one of two sessions this year that will start you on your way toward getting to know this welcoming, active and caring community.

Each session covers the topics of UU history, Social Justice activities, volunteer opportunities, learning and spiritual growth programs for children and adults and much more. There will be time to get to know staff, volunteer church leaders and each other during this process of discovery.

Participant will be paired with a Member Mentor who will serve as a guide through the exploration process.

MLUC is here to support you on your membership journey.

Please contact Jessica Hirsch Lynn with questions or to register for one of our 2018-19 sessions.






Fall/Winter Class

Nicki and Sandy Luz Bruce Pappas

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Dates TBA










Winter/Spring Class

Dates TBA









We look forward to welcoming you to MLUC!