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"We should demand a faith that asks something of us, not settle for one that requires very little." ~  Michael Durall

The ministry of Main Line Unitarian Church is as strong as the support given by our members and friends.

Pledge and Give

Each year, members and friends of our congregation make an annual pledge of support. Most typically, this happens in the Spring and is a pledge of support for the church's next fiscal year which begins in July. However, people who have recently joined or just started pledging, may make a pledge for the remainder of the current fiscal year, which ends in June.

In either case, you begin by following the "Get Started" link below which allows you to make a pledge on-line and then will provide instructions based your your preferred method of payment.

Get Started

If you have already made your annual pledge, and just need to setup automatic payments, you can follow this link to the payment portal.


Capital Campaign

Last year, MLUC launched its five-year Building on a Legacy of Love campaign to fund much-needed building repairs, and to complete upgrades that would enrich our programs and better support our mission. Thus far, we've raised more than $3 million in pledges, but remain about $1 million short of our overall goal. We're already taking the money received and putting it to work! It's an exciting time at MLUC, as we shift into Implementation Phase.

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Planned Giving

We also ask you to remember the church in your estate planning, helping to ensure Main Line Unitarian Church's long-term future.

Email the Endowment Committee at    to learn more.