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One service at 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted

October 1: The Work of Being Well
Naomi Leapheart
Music: MLUC Choir
In the first few pages of Toni Cade Bambara's brilliant debut novel, The Salt Eaters, Minnie Ransom begins her healing work on Velma Henry this way: “Are you sure, sweetheart, that you want to be well? Just so’s you’re sure, sweetheart, and ready to be healed, cause wholeness is no trifling matter. A lot of weight when you’re well.” Bambara wisely understood that the essence of wholeness is courage, and courage is hard work. In a culture where "self-care" is a popular pastime yet many of us us are still burned up and burned out, do we really know what it takes to be well?

October 8: Respecting the Dignity of the Undignified
Rev. Dr. Neal R. Jones
Music: MLUC Choir
Our first UU Principle calls upon us to "affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person." Yet many of us find this principle impossible to practice in regard to the reprehensible words and actions of some in this polarized political climate. This struggling minister will offer some practical suggestions of how he attempts to meet this spiritual challenge.

October 15: The Continuing Shark Attack
Rev. Dr. Neal R. Jones
Music: John Alston, Chester Children's Chorus Director
Roe v. Wade may have been decided 44 years ago, but the fate of reproductive choice is far from being decided, as the sharks of retreat and retrenchment continue their attacks on the rights and dignity of women. 

October 22: The UU Umbrella
Rev. Dr. Neal R. Jones
Music: Shroedinger's Cats
This "Bring a Friend" Sunday is the perfect time to invite a friend, relative, coworker, or neighbor to MLUC, as today's sermon will serve as an introduction to Unitarian Universalism.

October 29: Embodied Spirit
Leslie Wright-Riley & Noelle Hammerbacher
Music: MLUC Choir