Upcoming Services

MLUC holds one service each Sunday from 10:00-11:15 a.m. unless otherwise noted.worship

August 25: Your Hard-Earned Happiness
Rev. Dr. Nathan Walker
Music: Justin Solonynka, piano
Happiness doesn’t just happen. There are strategies we can use to increase happiness for ourselves and those around us. By drawing upon evidence-based publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, we will reflect upon the scientific study and practice of happiness. We will reflect upon the conditions that promote human flourishing and the everyday choices we can make to cultivate wellness.

September 1: After the Fall
Rev. Libby Smith
It takes courage to get back up after we fall down, to recover from our mistakes, to admit our failures and to try again. But we're human - which means we have to do it all the time! So we might as well learn to do it as well as possible.