Offering Outreach

Since September 2009, the Offering Outreach Program has selected one charitable organization per month to receive half of the collection plate each Sunday. By supporting organizations that address social justice and humanitarian needs at the local, state, national, and international levels, we demonstrate our values as Unitarian Universalists.

How Organizations Are Selected

Do you volunteer for a charitable organization? Is there an organization that has helped you in the past? Have you recently stumbled upon a new and noteworthy non-profit? We welcome any and all MLUC members to submit nominations!

Download the nomination form (Microsoft Word)

Instructions: Open and complete the form, save to your desktop, then email as an attachment to .

HeedingGodsCallOutreachThe Offering Outreach Committee will review the forms and select nominations based on the following criteria:

The organization’s mission must be consistent with Unitarian Universalist principles.

It must be registered as a 501(c)3 corporation.

The organization must demonstrate good stewardship of its finances.

The size and budget of organizations are important, because we would like our donation to be meaningful and make a difference. We feel we can have the greatest impact by supporting smaller organizations. However, a specific program within a larger organization can be considered.

We welcome international nominations, as long as they have a Unitarian Universalist connection.

To avoid a possible conflict of interest, we ask that church members refrain from nominating an organization where they are currently employed as a paid staff member.

Sometimes the committee can also make a decision based on immediate needs, such as relief from natural disasters.

Qualified nominations are coordinated with sermons, related educational programming, or active service opportunities whenever possible. In order to support a wide variety of organizations, themes or categories of nominations are usually rotated from month to month. Examples of such themes are children and families, hunger, disabilities, prison, violence prevention, immigration, physical and mental health, and LGBTQ issues. Nominees not immediately selected will remain on file for future consideration.

If you have any questions, you may contact the advisory committee directly by email at .


Recent Recipients:

Feeding Thousands 
March 2017
Our March recipient was the Feeding Thousands project. Money collected in March will be used to purchase food for this event. Volunteers from MLUC, St Luke's, and others in the community will meet at St. Luke's to prepare food packages on March 25. This is MLUC's second time participating in Feeding Thousands.

Chester County Futures 
February 2017
Chester County Futures provides comprehensive academic support, mentoring, and scholarships for motivated, economically disadvantaged youth to help them succeed in school, higher education, and life. CCF provides services to 450 middle school through post-secondary school students in Coatsville, Kennett, Oxford, and Phoenixville. All funds donated to CCF via Offering Outreach will be used toward the purchase of new Chromebook computers for seniors from the class of 2017 who are participants in the CCF program. A computer is an absolute necessity in post secondary education, yet many of these students would be heading to college without a personal computer if not for CCF. During the past fiscal year, 100% of high school seniors served by CCF graduated on time and 94% enrolled in post secondary education. The provision of computers, an essential academic tool, will assist this year's seniors in achieving success.

Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund
January 2017
In response to the devastation of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, the UUSC is partnering with a respected Haitian relief organization, GARR (Groupe d' Appui au Repatries et Refugie's), to provide humanitarian assistance for marginalized groups overlooked by other relief efforts. This includes cholera awareness and prevention, livelihood support, and human rights training for repatriated and stateless refugees living in camps in Anse-a-Pitres, Haiti. Learn more via the homepage.

FLITE flite
December 2016
The Foundation for Learning in Tredyffrin/Easttown, FLITE, serves preschool through high school students in Tredyffrin/Easttown by funding programs that help ensure all students - especially those who face financial or environmental barriers to educational success - have the academic tools, opportunities, and support they need. FLITE funds 18 programs including preschool tuition assistance for students who meet financial criteria, an after-school homework program, computers for home usage, funding for musical instrument rentals for students who otherwise would not be able to participate in school music programs, and financial assistance for summer learning opportunities.

The Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia
November 2016
The Interfaith Center was founded in 2004 as a regional response to the national tragedy of 9/11. The Center was founded by individuals from diverse backgrounds who wanted to transform the tragic event into a catalyst for positive change. Today, the Center strives to increase peace and understanding among people of all faiths and backgrounds in our region. Their aim is to replace hate and fear with harmony and acceptance. They work towards these goals through educational and leadership opportunities for youth, adults, and religious leaders. In this time of rancor towards various groups within our country, The Interfaith Center offers a safe place to learn and understand.

The Chester Children's Chorus chester
October 2016
The Chester Children's Chorus (CCC) offers talented children, ages 8 to 18, the opportunity to achieve musical excellence, expand their intellectual and cultural horizons, and flourish as confident individuals. For younger children, the Chorus' Sing-to-Learn program provides music instruction that reinforces academic objectives in twelve kindergarten, first grade, and second grade classrooms in Chester. Inspired by his own experience in the Newark Boy's Choir, Dr. John Alston founded the CCC in 1994 with seven boys from one school in Chester. Each year, the CCC performs 10 to 12 community concerts. On October 22 they will perform at MLUC.

Partner Church
September 2016
The organization selected for this month is MLUC's partner church in Várfalva, Romania, whose building needs extensive renovations. The church received a loan from their Bishop's office to conduct a study/archeological dig to determine the condition of the historic building and steps needed for restoration. Based upon the findings, the congregation was awarded a European Union grant to proceed with the next phase of work, after they repay the Bishop's loan of $5000. The Offering Outreach contribution will provide this rural church congregation with assistance toward repayment of the loan.

The Acquired Brain Injury Network of Pennsylvania
July/August 2016
The Acquired Brain Injury Network of Pennsylvania (ABIN-PA). ABIN-PA eases the life-changing impact of brain injury by helping survivors and their families rebuild their lives. They provide support, education, information, advocacy, and other services for individuals with acquired brain injury and their families. The organization is run by individuals with brain injuries and their family members. Through their Infoline, PeerConnect program and events, survivors and family members are able to share their stories and encourage each other on the road to recovery.

Girls Justice League
June 2016
Located in Philadelphia, the Girls Justice League, is a girl's rights organization dedicated to taking action for social, political, educational, and economic justice with and for girls and young women. The League is a collective of young women and their allies, working to build and reinforce a culture where girls are fully empowered and where gender, race, and other disparities are identified and confronted in the systems which affect their futures. Girls participate in Saturday and Summer Institutes and develop skills in leadership, activism, and organizing. They identify issues that they care about and then launch campaigns to make change in their schools and neighborhoods.

Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Association
May 2016
Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Association (CRC) is devoted to the protection of water resources of the Chester, Ridley and Crum Creek Valleys in Chester and Delaware Counties. Since 1970, CRC has been cleaning streams, restoring stream side forests, monitoring water quality and educating students and residents about stream protection. CRC organized stream clean up at multiple sites on April 30, including Smedley Park, the location for the MLUC Environmental Care Project.

Educating Communities for Parenting
April 2016
Educating Communities for Parenting (ECP) is located in Philadelphia. Their mission is to provide parenting education and youth development programs that cultivate independence and responsibility, break the cycle of abuse and neglect, and build strong communities. The foundation for all ECP programs is a continuously updated, research-based curriculum. Programs are provided in foster care residences, homeless shelters, recovery facilities, childcare centers, and schools. Populations served include teen/young adult parents, adjudicated delinquent youth, young adults aging out of foster care, and preschoolers/children at risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of violence.

Daemion Counseling Center
March 2016
Located in Berwyn, Daemion Counseling Center provides quality mental health counseling to those who cannot afford traditional therapy fees. The center serves individuals, couples, and families, ages 14+, from southeastern PA. The majority of clients come with symptoms of depression. 26% of those served have an income of less than $15,000 per year. Daemion Counseling Center helps those facing mental health and life challenges turn the corner toward hope. Visit for more information.

Mighty Writers
February 2016
Mighty Writers teaches Philadelphia children and teens to think and write with clarity so they can achieve success at school, at work, and in life. They offer after school academies, writing classes on nights and weekends, teen scholar programs, mentorships, SAT preparation, and college essay classes. In 2014-2015, the organization served 2,000 students at four centers in South, West, and North Philadelphia. Mighty Writers works with children who are struggling to read and write and who have the potential to be great readers and writers. They work with children who may be receiving little encouragement from teachers in overcrowded classrooms and who may not have books at home. Children and teens who participate in the programs improve their reading and writing skills, achieving proficiency at a much higher rate than their peers who are not in the program.

Hosts for Hospitals
January 2016
Hosts for Hospitals is a unique, small nonprofit agency providing free or minimal cost lodging and support at volunteer host homes as a response to the housing needs of patients and families who come the Greater Philadelphia area for specialized medical care. Several MLUC families have participated as hosts and have welcomed medical patients and their families from all over the United States and the world. Hosts for Hospitals fills a unique niche in meeting the lodging needs of patients' families. It is the only organization that provides lodging for the families of adult patients of whom the illness does not involve transplant or cancer. The organization accepts families of patients of all ages and all types of illness. There are no restrictions on family size or length of stay.

Philadelphia Veteran's House PVH
December 2015
Located in West Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Veterans House (PVH) began in 1994 as a place for veterans commuting between the Philadelphia Veterans Administration Medical Center and their homes to live comfortably and have meals, free of charge, during weekdays. In 2012, PVH welcomed its first homeless guests. PVH accepts honorably discharged military personnel and gives homeless veterans a chance to start over and find employment and housing. PVH's Operation Airdrop brings food and supplies to veterans on the streets during the fall and winter months. Operation Able Assist prevents homelessness by paying vital bills, while holiday open houses are held so that homeless veterans can spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter with good company, while receiving meals, showers, and an opportunity to do laundry.

Neighborhood Bike Works
November 2015
Neighborhood Bike Works is an organization that provides educational, recreational, and career-building opportunities for urban youth in underserved neighborhoods in greater Philadelphia through bicycling. It promotes cycling as a healthy, affordable, and environment-friendly method of transportation. Their free or low-cost youth programs like Earn-a-Bike, Group Rides, and summer camp reach over 500 youth per year. Bike maintenance classes are also offered, leading to opportunities for apprenticeships and summer jobs. Visit

Tredyffrin and Easttown Care
October 2015
Tredyffrin and Easttown Care (T & E Care) is a nonprofit organization that helps families who are facing difficult situations right in our community. T & E Care provides financial and other material assistance to persons in need of financial and other material assistance who reside in and around the Tredyffrin and Easttown township area. Assistance is provided for mortgage, rent and utility payments for people in need, school supplies, summer camp, computers, and for school lunches for families who don't quite meet the criteria for the school lunch program but are struggling with lunch costs.

Feeding Thousands
September 2015
On October 17, MLUC and other community groups from around the area gather at St. Luke Lutheran Church to distribute thousands of meals to the hungry. Meals are distributed with the help of Philabundance and the Chester County Food Bank, and ingredients are supplied through End Hunger NE. In March 2015, St. Luke youth packaged over 20,000 meals. This time, the whole community is invited to get involved. All funds raised through our September Offering Outreach collection will go toward funding ingredients and supplies for the meals.

Mindfulness Through Movement
July-August 2015mindful
Mindfulness Through Movement, Inc. is the Offering Outreach recipient for July and August. This small nonprofit organization offers mindfulness and yoga programs taught by certified instructors to children in twelve underserved schools in Philadelphia. The program is based upon the belief that in order to learn in the school setting, children need to be able to clear their minds of all those things that are out of their control. Students learn simple breath and movement practices, an important set of self-empowerment tools, to help them manage the stress of living in an urban setting so that they can relax more and open their minds to learn.

Main Line Youth Alliance
June 2015
Main Line Youth Alliance, located on West Lancaster Ave. provides gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender questioning youth and straight allies with social, educational and supportive activities in a confidential, respectful, and safe environment. Although MYA is not affiliated with any church or organization, the Central Baptist Church in Wayne provides MYA with space. Youth, ages 14 to 22, from surrounding high schools and colleges participate in regular Friday night group discussions, presentations, and other activities. MYA has no paid staff and operates with a very small budget. All contributions go directly to programs and activities for youth.

Camp Dreamcatcher
May 2015
Located in Kennett Square, Camp Dreamcatcher's mission is to provide therapeutic and educational programs to youth and their families who are affected by HIV/AIDS, and to foster an atmosphere of tolerance, compassion, respect, and understanding through volunteer opportunities, services, and community outreach. The organization operates an annual summer camp session as well as year-round educational and therapeutic programs. All children served are either coping with their own HIV/AIDS infections, the HIV/AIDS diagnoses of family members, or the loss of a family member from HIV/AIDS. Of the 124 children who attended the 2014 summer camp session, most were from low income families. Summer camp and other services are free of charge.

New Day Drop-In Center
April 2015
The New Day Drop-in Center, a Salvation Army Program, is a safe, trauma-informed, welcoming, and non-judgmental space for women who are victims of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. At New Day, women have access to meals, showers, toiletries, social services, information about a way out, and a safe place to rest for a while, all provided with dignity and respect. The location is open Monday through Thursday, and sees anywhere from 15 to 25 women per day. New Day focuses on building rapport and trust, and supports women in reclaiming control over their lives. News of thecenter is spread primarily through word of mouth and also by street outreach teams.

The Ray of Hope Project
March 2015 - $2,017
The primary mission of The Ray of Hope Project, located in Philadelphia, is the rehabilitation of existing homes. Qualifying low-income families are able to keep their homes habitable and maintain residency. The organization provides training to former inmates and offers educational apprenticeships to other qualified persons. Structures that were previously not only community eyesores, but also unhealthy and unsafe for residents and neighbors, have been restored. Community stability is enhanced and overall neighborhood quality is improved. The Ray of Hope Project seeks not only to rehabilitate individual homes, but to revitalize entire communities.

West Philadelphia Alliance for Children
February 2015wepac
WePAC currently operates thirteen libraries in West and Southwest Philadelphia public schools. Their mission is to promote childhood literacy by engaging volunteers in Philadelphia public schools through reopening and staffing libraries and academic mentoring. Their vision is for every Philadelphia student to be empowered with the literacy skills vital to the success of the child and prosperity of the community. WePAC focuses on children in grades K through 4, and serves neighborhoods where most children live in poverty and one-third of the adults lack a high school diploma. WePAC circulates 2500 books monthly and 32,000 books have been donated to the libraries. They are the only nonprofit organization in Philadelphia that is systematically working to reopen closed school libraries.

The Center for Creative Works
January 2015 - $1,526
The Center For Creative Works, located in Wynnewood, PA, serves developmentally disabled adults with a unique, studio-based vocational art program. Hopefully, you had a chance to view some of the students’ art work in the Fireside Room last month. The Center is committed to an environment in which participants learn, engage, create, build skills, and take pride in their work. Students have displayed their work at the Center and in several galleries, where it can be purchased. The organization’s work is based on the belief that there is a transformative power in the creative impulse, and that the soul is nurtured through the arts. 

Past Recipients

Additional recipients of MLUC's Offering Outreach program are: Ebola Epidemic Relief Fund, Good Shepherd Mediation Program, Heeding God's Call, The Center Foundation, DMAX Foundation, Treehouse Books, ArtWell, Interfaith Hospitality Network, CHOICE, Community Volunteers in Medicine, Back on My Feet, West Chester Food Cupboard, Life Beyond Abuse, Tredyffrin & Easttown Care, Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children, Green Belt Movement, The Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia, Main Line Youth Alliance, Project Forward Leap, UUSC-UUA Pakistan Relief Fund, Chester County Food Bank, Books Through Bars, Peter’s Place, Nationalities Service Center, West Philadelphia Alliance for Children, Latinas Unidas, Community Volunteers in Medicine, Baker Industries, Hosts for Hospitals, Papaye Peasant Movement, Family Support Line, Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy, Heeding God’s Call, Every Child is Our Child, Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition, Ardmore Food Pantry, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Mazzoni Center Ally Safe Schools, Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation, Court Appointed Special Advocates, Radnor A Better Chance, Prison Ministry at the Church of the Larger Fellowship, The Bridge Way School, The Ray of Hope Project, Surrey Services for Seniors, MusicWorks, Chester County Citizens for Climate Protection.