Welcome to Faith Development for Youth at Main Line Unitarian Church. We offer Faith Development classes on Sunday mornings from September through June for 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. We offer Junior Youth Group and Youth Group on Sunday evenings from September through June for 7th – 12th graders. Worship, community building, and social action are integral parts of this experience and are scheduled along with regular classes. Our Faith Development programs seek to:


  • Develop Unitarian Universalists who are fully functioning religious beings engaged in honest dialogue, lifelong learning, and exploration of self and world
  • Sustain strong families and create multigenerational relationships that value all
  • Invite and promote questioning, curiosity, and religious freedom Each Sunday morning begins with a Story for All Ages, when teachers, children, youth, and families attend the first part of Sunday worship together in the Main Meeting Room. After a Story for All Ages, teachers, children, and youth are sung out to their classes. Changes are sometimes made on Sundays to accommodate the population in attendance. Subscribe to E-Notes to learn about updates and changes. 

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2017-18 Youth Faith Development Calendar

Most Sundays: Story for All Ages in the sanctuary, then Faith Development classes. Youth in 10th – 12th grades are invited to attend the worship service or volunteer in the younger children’s Faith Development classes or in a hospitality role such as usher, green striper, etc.

*Note: There are several special Sundays when we have Multigenerational Worship—during these Sundays families stay together in the sanctuary throughout the service. Please read the weekly E-Notes for schedule alerts.

2017-18 Youth Faith Development Schedule (update coming soon)

6th and 7th Grade (and 8th that are not in OWL)
Neighboring Faiths
This curriculum explores the history and development of different faith traditions through a religious journey around the world and close to home. Participants plan their own program by choosing which religious groups to learn about, visit, and relate to their own growing UUism. They compare and contrast ideas about God, symbols, sources of authority, prophets and leaders, holy days, beliefs and practices, as well as social service. Neighboring Faiths encourages acceptance by fostering first-hand experience and dialogue with different religious communities, including Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and earth-based spirituality.

8th Grade
Our Whole Lives (OWL)
Eighth grade OWL is a comprehensive sexuality education program that includes age-appropriate information about human development, relationships, personal skills, sexual behavior, sexual health, and society and culture. It’s grounded in a holistic view of sexuality, addressing not only the physical components, but the spiritual, emotional and cultural sides as well. Instructors are required to attend OWL teacher training. Parents are required to attend a parent orientation meeting in September. Youth are expected to attend each weekly class.

9th Grade
Coming of Age (COA)
Coming of Age has been redesigned for MLUC 9th graders, in recognition that they are at the beginning of a journey—able to reflect on all they have learned, while investigating and defining their own beliefs. This program invites students to deepen their understanding of UUism and their knowledge of MLUC, and to begin a contemplative process around their own spirituality. The COA year includes opportunities for service, fellowship, fun, and adventure. Activities on both Sunday mornings and at other times engage youth in a process that culminates in the creation of personal credos (from the Latin: “what I set my heart to”).

In the spring, a special youth-led service celebrates a unique threshold in their spiritual journey, when youth are ready to share their own credos with the larger congregation. This program requires a high level of commitment by parents and youth and regular participation is essential. COA also includes for the second time, a special program from the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia called Walking the Walk (WTW). WTW is a nationally-recognized initiative that provides teenagers with experiences, skills, and resources necessary to live in a diverse world, deepen their own identities, and break through walls that distance and divide them from people of other religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

Evening Youth Groups

7th - 8th Grade
Junior Youth Group (JYG) | 6:00
Junior Youth Group is a co-ed evening program that meets on two Sundays each month. Their community-building activities have included bowling, bonfires, nature outings, and a wide-range of games. At each meeting, JYG youth share snacks and join in dialogue on important issues that are relevant to their lives. Some special evenings this year will include collaboration with YRUU. Activities are led by adult advisors.

9th - 12th Grades
Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) | 6:00 p.m.
Young Religious Unitarian Universalists is a co-ed every Sunday evening program that offers high school youth a channel for social interaction. YRUU is a place where youth get to know each other, build community, and establish life-long friendships. YRUU is primarily youth-led, as they design and facilitate most activities. The program balances service learning, fundraising, social action, youth-led worship, and in-depth dialogue on important issues. YRUU youth also organize or participate in several all-church multigenerational events throughout the year.

Interested in classes for younger children? View our Children's page for details.