“Black Lives Matter” Banner Recap


This past Saturday, MLUC held a dedication service for its “Black Lives Matter” banner. The banner was placed in front of the church at the intersection of South Valley Forge Road and Maplewood Avenue in Devon. Several hundred congregants, as well as visitors and friends were in attendance.

A Pre-School at MLUC?

St. David's Nursery School, a 48-year-old, non-profit, private pre-school which is presently operating out of St. David's Episcopal Church (our neighbor down the road), is looking for a new home. Should MLUC rent out our classrooms to provide them a new home?

St. David's Nursery School director, Joanne Lorine, gave a persentation at MLUC on Wednesday, August 24, at 7:00 p.m. Members were invited to share their opinions and ask questions. Hear both the presentation and discussion at the link below.

Listen here

A Conversation with Rev. Jones

Neal's 3 "C"s

A lot has changed at MLUC in recent weeks. Rev. Dr. Neal Jones gives his perspective on where the congregation stands as we navigate through challenges.


 Click the image to hear Neal's message